The brief:
Create an authentic story with a strong emotional element that honours the traditional owners of the land and inspires others to build a deeper connection to Redlands Coast.

Emotions to convey:
 Inspiring, Calming, Captivating, Emotive

Director/Producer: Matt Raimondo
DP: Caleb Ware
AC/Drone: Esteban Rivera
2nd AC: Nathan McNeil
Line Producer: Tegan Mel
Editor: Matt Raimondo
Colourist: Angela Cerasi
Sound Mix: Adrian Diery
Production Company: GoodFolk Films

Awards & Recognitions:

Winner ‘Best Culture Film’ – Japan International Tourism Film Festival
Caleb Ware – GOLD Cinematography, ACS QLD 2020 ‘Regional Commercial’

Redland City Bulletin

Oh my goodness. What an incredible video to share our culture with the world. So beautiful. Because that’s it - our culture is amazing. And right now it’s what the world is craving. Connection. Peace. Stories. Experiences. Back to what’s important. And feeling that sense of belonging. I’m gonna share this over and over!!

Public Comment

Such a beautiful video showcasing nature at its best with the people who deeply connects to it

Public Comment

I watched the whole thing and it made me cry it was so beautiful. A lot of spirit and heart in there, I could feel it!

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